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Employment Law Practice Areas

  • Contract Review

    I review draft employment contracts for potential issues and advise on changes.
  • Litigation

    I represent employees in unlawful termination lawsuits. Primarily, I focus on discrimination cases.
  • Severance Negotiations

    I review potential severance agreements and advise on what should be negotiated.


Hi! I am Lindsey Stallings. I moved to the Pacific Northwest from New Orleans for law school. I quickly fell completely in love with the people and the weather here! I am happy to call Portland home. My office is in St. Johns which is one of my favorite areas of the city.

I have exclusively worked in small firms since becoming licensed to practice law. I find that the small setting helps provide a more meaningful experience for clients and myself. When I got the opportunity to start my own law firm in early 2020, I knew it was the right fit. Since then, I have dedicated the majority of my work to plaintiff (employee) side employment law.

I believe that the law can be very helpful for employees but navigating the issues alone can be hard. My goal is to help utilize those laws for the benefit of employees that need it. I enjoy helping employees find peace through the avenue that works best for them – support/review, severance packages, settlements, and/or litigation.

I am licensed in both Oregon and Washington. I provide free 30 minute consultations. Please use my contact form to set a time for a consultation. I truly hope I can be of help.


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